I couldn’t be happier!  I picked Sherlock up on December 2018..  an early Christmas present to myself! The Vom Buflods were wonderful arranging our adoption .  He’s everything I could ever ask for in a companion.... smart, gentle and of course gorgeous!  Compliments every time someone sees him.  He’s a quick learner & plays well with my 20 year old kitty and my 5 young grandchildren.  He is well mannered beyond his age. If anyone is interested in a German Shepherd for a family pet, I highly recommend The Vom Buflod kennels.  Patty P. 

Service Dog Zelig vom Buflod (Ollie son) and his best friend Lucas

Zelig has been simply spectacular. He has mastered numerous tasks and is working on new ones. Zelig is devoted to Lucas beyond what I thought possible; they are inseparable.

Tasks he can reliably perform include:
  • Alerting to heart rate and blood pressure changes
  • Alerting to the early signs of an allergic reaction
  • Nudging Lucas when he is scratching or picking at his skin
  • Deep pressure therapy
  • Pressing elevator and handicap door buttons
  • Retrieving Lucas' medication bag
  • Coming to find me or my husband if Lucas is in distress or has fallen
  • Light counterbalancing and bracing
  • Pulling the wheelchair (if going uphill)

When he is not working, Zelig also enjoys retrieving balls, chewing on toys, and playing with his sister Cocoa (our 5-year old Catahoula Leopard-Beagle Mix). He enjoys canned pumpkin mixed with his food; his coat is a shiny red as a result. He loves snow, and has learned to swim, though it is not his favorite sport!

Zelig is also the sweetest dog any of us have ever met. Sure, here is obedient and responsive to Lucas' needs, and reliable as an old Studebaker. But he is also a wise and gentle soul who loves people and has assisted in the conversion of more than a few anti-Shepherd people into devotees.

We cannot thank you enough for bringing Zelig into our lives and hearts. e is a funny, curious, intelligent, devoted fellow, whom we all dearly love.

Kind regards,

Margie Beaudry

I have owned German Shepherds my entire life.  Within the past year or so, my wife and I decided after the death of our 13-year-old German Shepherd (GS) that we would like to buy another GSD for our family.    My wife and I conducted thorough research on attaining a good quality GSD for our family.  We have 19-year-old twin boys with autism and it was important to us to get a dog that would be loving, tolerable, and protective of our family.  It was important to me, especially, to get a true GSD pedigree.  I am not one to throw titles out, but I am a vice-president of a company in the Cincinnati area and I am able to travel essentially where ever I need to travel.  Monetary means was not an issue in my search.  In my research, I found Kathy Buflod and Vom Buflod German Shepherds. They were located closely to where I live – I thought why not look into their puppies?  I can tell you that it was one of the smartest decisions that I have made.  We bought our puppy, Ivan.  He is the most gentle but protective dog that I have ever owned.  He has been trained by their trainer Hans Buflod on-leash and off and I am constantly receiving compliments on how well he is trained/behaved.  He is healthy, and he is a handsome dog!  We were so pleased with Ivan that we returned to VOM BUFLOD and purchased another dog – a female that we named Maude.  Maude was also trained by Hans Buflod and does incredibly well in a store/public setting.  If anyone is searching out there for a high-quality German Shepherd, I strongly urge you to contact Kathy Buflod at VOM BUFLOD GERMAN SHEPHERDS.  She will treat you fairly and pair you with the dog that will be a perfect match for you or for you and your family.
Rod Randall


I have known Kathy and Hans Buflod as Clients and friends for more than 20 years. They have wonderful dogs and provide the best of care for all their puppies. Their dogs are healthy, beautiful, and have friendly stable personalities. They are some of the nicest German Shepherds I have ever seen. I have personally visited their kennels and found them to be exceptionally clean and very well kept. They also provide excellent training which I have used for my personal dogs.

I would highly recommend Kathy and Hans as honest, caring, responsible breeders and trainers who you can trust.  


Dr. John Raab DVM
Caesar Creek Animal Clinic
Waynesville, Ohio

She is my best friend and a wonderful,smart,beautiful companion!

Thanks, Jim



Max is a very sweet boy and has been a joy to have in our life!

Thank you for a wonderful new family member.

Dwight C
Churchville NY


Skip and Laureen brought a very special and happy girl into the world, and we are very fortunate to have Maci as part of our family.  My constant and faithful companion, she is intelligent, eager, communicative, and loving … truly beautiful inside and out.  Maci has clear working-dog characteristics:  lean and with a straight back, she is incredibly athletic with blinding (Saluki-like) speed and off the chart ball (prey) drive with staying power galore.  Fortunately I work from home so we take frequent breaks to run and train off leash in the fields around town.  I use a ball or frisbee as her main training tool.  She enjoys bite-work with the tug as well.  Maci is ever watchful and protective  yet when given the ok, is eager to meet new people to play … or roll-over for a belly rub!

Robert M    


Hi Kathy and Hans,
I wanted to let you know how well Greta is doing.  She goes to nursing homes with our sing-a-long group and is always well behaved and the residents love to pet her.  Everyone comments on how beautiful she is.  She's very attached to me and follows me everywhere I go.  Thanks for all your good breeding and training. 



Anya and Elfie enjoy some playtime in the Snow


Hi, Kathy,
Anya and Elfie send dog kisses! They have become good buddies along with the 4 little dogs and the cat. I love the temperament of
 Anya and Elfie. Anya has adapted quickly, just as Elfie did when she first came here. Where ever I take them, people comment
 on what beautiful and well-mannered dogs they are.
I'll send more pictures as I take them.
Thank you so much for letting us share our home with these two great girls!




Dear Kathy,


I just wanted to write and let you know that Sunny is doing fantastic. She has been such a fun pup and is very rapidly turning into a wonderful dog.  She is exactly like you told me she would be…very laid back which works well for me since I do medical transcription work at home.  Don’t get me wrong, she loves to play, but while I am working during the day she is very patient and lies in her bed behind me and waits for me to get up from my chair, and then she is at my side for the remainder of the day. 


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to match the personalities of the pups and the potential new owners.  I am sure it would be so much easier to just sell them.  Thank you so much for matching me with this wonderful dog and as you say on your site, and I love this phrase, “This excellence in puppies is not produced by random chance but rather by VERY SELECTIVE BREEDING.”


At Christmas this year, Sunny was the life of the party, with the kids and adults.  My previous German Shepherd did not do well with large family gatherings and I had to put her in my bedroom when I had people here.  There were around 23 people here on Christmas Eve and another 20 on Christmas Day.  This was a great treat for all the kids to be able to play with Sunny and she really seemed to love it as well.  I don’t know if you can tell what is going on in the picture or not, but the kids were blowing on her face which you know would make a lot of dogs bite, but not Sunny, she was giving kisses.  Just another great testament to the disposition and temperament of the dogs you breed.


I look forward to many, many great years with Sunny and I will always return to you for my 4 legged family members.  I will refer others to you without hesitation.


Thank you again, respectively,


Judy Oakerson



P.S.  I think that Sunny believes all of this snow we have been having has been put here just for her.  She loves it and just wants to be outside!





Hi Kathy,


We couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase one of your puppies.  From the first day we spoke you were nothing but helpful and honest.  Purchasing a dog out of state is sometimes a difficult thing to do, however you made the process so easy!  After speaking with you I just knew I could trust you every step of the way and I was ABSOLUTELY right!  I really appreciate you going out of your way to help us find a dog that was perfect for our family and exactly what we wanted.  You continue to be exceptionally helpful in answering all my questions and providing recommendations on food, training equipment, and obedience.  I can tell you really love these dogs and want only the best for them.  


Prior to purchasing one of your puppies we contacted several very well known breeders all over the states.  Some of these kennels we even had an opportunity to visit and were very disappointed in what we found.  We have to admit after picking up our puppy and seeing your kennel for ourselves you have the cleanest facility with the most gorgeous dogs!  More importantly, we were exceptionally impressed with the great temperament of all your dogs, especially when other breeders bragged about their dogs high drive.


Vegas (Yambo/Cana puppy) has adjusted very well and is doing awesome at home.  We are amazed with how smart this dog is already at only 8 weeks old.  The transition for Vegas and our family went very smoothly.  He brings so much joy to our family.  We look forward to watching him grow up.  Your selective breeding throughout the years has created the most balanced German Shepherds.  


Thanks so much for all your hard work!!! 


Jennifer and Nick Marks



HiKathy, Visa LOVES water -- and spas whenever there is an opportunity. Most afternoons she hops in the bathtub to sleep. Her big sister BlueBleu and her enjoy daily romps at the nearby ravine -- she gets plenty of exercise and love.

Thank you again for breeding such wonderful shepherds. Best, Stephanie Henry

Hi Kathy,

You have no idea how much joy Visa brings to everyone who meets her! She is the most happy go lucky dog I have ever met.
Almost 9 months, 24 inches at the shoulder and 74 pounds. She's such a good girl -- we love her very much.
Thank you for breeding such great tempered dogs.

Columbus, Ohio






I just wanted to write a letter to let you know how happy we are with our decision to purchase a puppy from you this past summer.
I contacted a lot of breeders and I was very interested in getting the right dog for our family with young children. Many breeders
talked about the high drive of their dogs but you talked about a dedication to breeding balanced dogs.
Anya has lots of energy and is very smart but also can settle down and just hang out. That is just what we were looking for, a family companion, not a full time working dog!

I have a great dog plus a support system for taking care of her. Your suggestions for her food, training equipment and even a good vet
have been a tremendous help.

Amy Kress





Lily Vom Buflod just turned 3 last month. Her parents are Dasha and Skip and she looks much like her father.
She is an 85 pound beautiful Girl. She is very healthy and active and loves to play catch and take walks. She
is our best friend and we love her beyond words. She is very smart and friendly and a joy to be with.

We appreciate all the time you took to help us find the perfect dog. We also appreciate how you have always been there to answer our questions. We think you have the best dogs in the world!

Have a wonderful and healthy holiday season

Very Best Regards,

Paula and Norm Beck






Hello Kathy,
Its been nearly two years since Bear joined us and may I say, how I love that dog!!! He is the most marvelous and wonderful creature on this earth!!!

He still gets comments everywhere we go and the trainer I am working with right now thinks he is the most beautiful shepperd she has ever seen. Of course he is.

J Thanks so much.


                                    Bear vom Buflod son of Skip vom Kottersbush.
                     Almost 8 years old & still the most handsome dog in town


Rolf is doing fantastic and growing like a weed! He is extremely handsome and we have recently discovered his favorite activity is swimming. It is hard to keep him out of a body of water whether it is a lake or
a puddle! I took him last week to the vet to be weighed and he is a lean 102 lbs. I train, walk and play with him daily. He fears nothing but he is so friendly with everyone he meets, especially children.
I would love to obtain a full brother to him one day if you repeat a Cindy/Yambo breeding. I am convinced I could not have gotten a better dog or friend! I hope you are doing well!




Rolf is doing excellent and growing rapidly. He is almost 27 inches at the shoulder at 9 months and he weighed a lean 92lbs at the vet's office today. He is going to be very long like Yambo as well. He loves to go hiking and his favorite activity is to herd the miniature donkeys at the place I used to work. I knew he would have a strong drive for it but he loves it even more than I thought he would! My family and friends think he is the sweetest and most well behaved German Shepherd they've ever seen.I am very happy with him and he has done very well with training.

Thank you for a great partner and friend!





Diva  is a wonderful addition to our family!

Thanks again.

Steve and Kathy Crane

Reiko is very loving, smart, energetic and loves to play with his tennis balls.
He loves children and they always walk right up to pet him. He is very sweet
with them and that is why we are going to look into therapy dog training in the winter for him.
Thank you again for a great companion.

Jenna Birri 




                                    We love, love, love Ilanka! She is perfect for us.


Thank you for the years of training and care you provided for her.

We are having a blast playing and hiking all over - she has tons of energy.

Attached are a few pics: the first few days were probably a shock for her in a new environment,

but she is really settling in and comfortable all over the house.

We visited my vet on Friday and the whole staff was crazy for Ilanka.

Hope all is well with you - watch that Halloween candy!

Thanks again for all you did to make Ilanka such a great dog and now the true joy in our life.

I really hope that you are not missing her too badly... she's in good hands and happy.

Judi Simac

South Carolina





Thank you again for a very enjoyable afternoon Saturday. My daughter, quite surprisingly had a great time with the big dogs.

I was truly impressed and my mother who is the true dog person I know was as well. Equally impressive was how mom's new puppy

handled himself over the last day while my mother was here visiting with us. If I ever go back to having a dog too, I would certainly be

honored to have one as wonderful as this puppy was. What an outstanding temperament and so smart!

I have attached a couple of pictures with my daughter and Lion. We were impressed considering this was her first time handling

a big dog like that!

Thank you again,

Jim Riehm





When Annette and I got Alf (Eli) we never imagined he would grow into the part of our lives that brings us so much joy...

he has developed quite the personality and the most amazing traits that can be comical. He has also developed the

reputation in our neighborhood as the security guard...he loves to let neighbors know that there is someone in the area

that shouldn't be there...but after all he's only doing his job.

Thank you so much for the wonderful expertise you bring to the world of GSDs!

I tell everyone I see about you...

Thanks again,

Tom, Annette and Eli





How is everyone doing your way? Thought you might enjoy this picture of Bella. I can't wait for you to see her again she is awesome in every way.

Bob and I and probably all our family and friends would be lost without her. Bob said he would never let a dog sleep with us again, but this changed quickly! 99% of the time she sleeps below my feet. She has brought so much joy in our lives. My other dogs were great, but she
as so much loyalty and love towards me it is amazing. She is protective yet loving with all and knows I'm "mom".
I can not explain how it feels to have a dog with such a different caliber about itself than others. I think I actually
was scared the first several (teenage months) or intimidated because she was soo smart. Now that it has settled in
that I own a real German German Shepherd with police dog abilities let alone beautiful, I can now just sit back, enjoy,
and smile!

Take Care and God Bless,

Denice Nikias-Buffett and Bella
Cincinnati, Ohio




Just thought i would write to keep you posted on DENVER. He is doing great, he is 5 months old now and he weighs

61 lbs. He is so handsome, people are always stopping me asking me where we got him, as a matter of fact I gave

your address and phone number to some guy the other day that stopped me while we were walking. He is such a

good dog, he loves to play in the snow, he loves going on walks, and loves the car! He is really calm, which I am happy

about. Thank you for being such a help in picking him out. We had told you we wanted a calmer dog, because the

other gsd we have is very mellow. They get along fantastic together!!!

I am sending you some pictures of denver, so you can see how handsome he is and how he has grown.

Keep in touch.





"Layla" is doing wonderful and how grateful I am that you allowed us to give her a home. She is a wonderful dog and we enjoy her totally.

She enjoys running and playing with her 2 canine sibling and chasing the cats whenever we might not be watching.She is a little leary of the llamas

and horses though. My family has had German Shepherds for years but I have never had one that adopted me as

their master. Layla does not allow me to move from room to room in the house without her and she always turns

herself inside out when I come in the house!

Many thanks for this opportunity,

Kally Cotton


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