GSDs who love WATER!

Following are some awesome GERMAN SHEPHERDS who love to play in the water! Imprinting your puppy around water at an early age of 2 to 4 months shows them that water is fun and is a part of their world. Baths, playing with them in a plastic kiddie pool, introducing them to a running water hose... all can help build their confidence around water. They are most impressionable during the "human socialization" phase from 2 to 4 months so get them use to water early then enjoy a lifetime of water fun!!

Vala loves the water and life in Orlando Florida!

A Day at the beach...Life is good!

Marko II and Gunner vom Buflod learning to swim in Beverly Hills California


Axel vom Buflod enjoying some play time with a Yellow Lab at the beach


Xavier learning to swim at 4 months of age in Southampton New York. He is a natural and after a few minutes
was making repeated dives into the pool to join his family and trainer Hans.

Talos vom Buflod taking a swim in the Delaware river

"Skylar" an American German Shepherd enjoys a trip to the falls at Caesar Creek State Park after off leash training

Shara vom Buflod takes a swim in Florida 


Anya vom Buflod and Lion vom Anger take a swim in a kiddie pool with their kiddies! 

Heidi vom Buflod playing in the lake with som Labs

Heidi vom Buflod making a spash and heading out into the water

Dusty vom Buflod makes his first trip to Caesar Creek State park lake

Heidi teaches Dusty the rules of water safety

Dusty vom Buflod all growb up now takes a swim at Sugarcreek reserve. Starting them off young around water leads to a lifetime of water fun

Vala vom Buflod is CRAZY about the water hose!

Axel vom Buflod (New York) enjoying a Spring day at the beach in Southampton 

Roger taking a cool of swim after training 

Axel vom Buflod (California) loves to play ball at the beach in San Diego

Axel vom Buflod (California) is crazy about the hose

Jaeger vom Buflod takes a swim with his family 

Heidi goes for a swim in San Diego at the dog park during her off leash obedience go home lesson

Heidi and Wolf vom Buflod at their San Diego California go home lesson taking a break to discover the ocean for the first time

Wolf vom Buflod runs from the wave and is happy as can be

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