Cool DOGS with Cool CARS

Gunner vom Buflod (Ollie / Kendra) going home to his new home in Tennessee

Vera Lynn wanted to change the name of this page to "Cool dogs ON COOL CARS"!! :>

Leila vom Buflod in her Audi TT Roadster.  She quite enjoys riding with the top down and definitely gets some looks when we cruise around town! 

THEO completes his on leash training with a "sit" in the Waynesville Band ATV

Heidi vom Buflod (Lion vom Anger daughter) shows off her 1966 Mustang.
She is a big beautiful girl and looks allot like her father Lion.

Dusty vom Buflod (Marko son) shows off his 1966 FORD MUSTANG.
Beautiful dog and crazy cool car!

Marko vom Buflod Male puppy ready to go home in his Porsche Cayenne. "This is how we roll!"

" Dad left the keys in the ignition and loaded me into the car. I jumped into the front seat and locked the door with the power door lock button!!! Mom's purse is sitting next to me with the spare key. Ha Ha Mom and dad are gonna be mad but I am smiling!!"   (True story by Sigmund lol)

Elfie Karanburg enjoying retirement life with her BMW

Not to be outdone Elfie's best friend ANYA VOM BUFLOD (the 1st) poses in her BMW too

Anya vom Buflod II in her favorite car 1924 MODEL T Ford.
She likes to ride in parades and chase the tires or run around it when she is not riding in it

AXEL VOM BUFLOD in his Willys Jeep at the beach in Southampton, New York

CORVETTE enjoys a ride in her favorite which is of course a CORVETTE STINGRAY


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