Breed Survey


A Breed Survey is an evaluation of the breed value of a dog for the improvement, preservation, and advancement of the breed. A Breed Survey report is done listing the dogs breeder, owner, and background. Line breeding and dominant lines are mentioned. The dog is measured and weighed and over or under sized dogs are not surveyed. An assessment of the dog is made both standing and in motion. Included are secondary sex characteristics, expression, bones, musculature, firmness of back and ligaments, trueness of gait, rear drive, front reach, head, strength of jaw, and dentition. All physical characteristics are listed as well as faults.

The dogs stability, temperament, alertness, hardness, courage, fighting drive,and gun sureness are evaluated. The dog must pass a courage test consisting of an attack by a helper. The kormeister wants to see an imediate full bite with no hesitation. After the attack the helper runs off the field and just before the pursuing dog reaches the helper he turns on the the dog and approaches in a threatening manner. The dog may not hesitate in the attack or they will be downgraded or fail.

Dogs are generally surveyed at two years old and then must be resurveyed two years later. Upon completion of the resurvey the dog is Koreklassed or Surveyed "For life".

At the end of the survey report the Koremeister makes breeding recommendations on the dog which are helpful in future breedings.

Dogs may be classified as KOREKLASSE 1 "Recommended for breeding" or KOREKLASSE 2 "Approved for breeding". 

On 12/3/2005, our 4 year old male V LION VOM ANGER SchH3 kkl1  was evaluated by SV JUDGE and KORMEISTER ERNST RUCKERT at the Deutscher Schaferhunde Club San Diego Breed Survey.  Ruckert founded the famous Zwinger von der Noriswand in 1949 and served as a judge in the 1998 and 2005 World Sieger Shows in Germany.

LION performed flawlessly and received his KKL1 FOR LIFE! We were especially honored to have LION'S breeder and trainer from Germany; Mr. Roland Gartner; handle Lion in the breed survey! Roland raised this incredible dog for us from birth through his Schutzhund training. To see Lion reunited with Roland for his Lifetime breed survey and Lion's responsiveness to his original owner was memorable. Lions bite was full and hard; his out was immediate; this is attributed to his superb training done by Roland in Germany.

We are very grateful to Roland Gartner for this exceptionally trained dog. To have a dog who is so good on the field and more importantly has the BEST TEMPERAMENT possible is remarkable.

                            "Danke" Roland!








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